Peace of mind is harder and harder to achieve these days. Active Solutions has worked hard to create effective and cost efficient security and video surveillance systems that work for individual homeowners as well as entire neighborhoods

With a flexible and easily deployable Neighborhood Watch Cam system, your own neighborhood can be transformed into a much safer environment, overnight. Vandal proof cameras can be installed in hot spots and moved to new areas as needed.

The wireless video surveillance technology used by Active Solutions has been proven to provide evidentiary quality images that are lauded by local law enforcement. Remote monitoring is also available.

Homeowners will love Looter Alertâ„¢ available in a several price ranges; a system that alerts the homeowner of an intrusion while he is away, as well as capturing the event on high quality video.

Active Solutions has designed and installed effective security programs for many neighborhoods including the French Market in the historic French Quarter.

Each neighborhood is unique, therefore each security solution is customized to fit your needs.

Components that can be worked into design depend solely on your needs:

  • Camera Surveillance Monitoring
  • Hard Drive Data Backup
  • Multi Site Surveillance
  • Support for Analog, Digital and Network Cameras
  • Secure Remote Access via LAN and Internet
  • Motion Detection
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Control
  • Remote Access
  • Live 24-hour monitoring