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RDI Cam -Active Solutions RDI Cam+ EVDO is configured to begin streaming and recording live video right from the box. Your server or ours…The Public Address enabled RDI Cam+ extends the Eyes, Ears and Voice of your department. A single operator can observe, listen and intervene from any remote location. Take video surveillance to the next level. From observation and investigation to INTERVENTION and PREVENTION. RDI Cam+ units can be strategically staged for rapid deployment and put into action within minutes. Photocell rapid connector draws power for the RDI Cam+ from any photocell socket while allowing normal operation of the lighting fixture. Using EVDO data service (where available) the RDI Cam+ becomes the eyes and ears Force Multiplier your department needs in times of crisis.
A remote operator can effectively manage:

Hurricane Preparedness

Emergency Deployment

Public Events

Drug Interdiction

Critical Infrastructure Protection

The Active Solutions RDI Cam “EVDO” attaches to any mounting surface and is ready to view and record in minutes. Network connectivity is immediately established and secure video is available to your team. Live video can be recorded to Active Solutions Network Operations Center servers or to the location of you choosing. Network Video Recording.

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