96% of high schools and 74% of primary schools reported incidences of crimes in 2006*
7,300 schools reported at least one student threatened with physical attack or a weapon**

Violence in schools around the country has escalated to a frightening level.  Parents, students, teachers and school administrators everywhere are desperate to protect their schools and create a safe haven for everyone involved in education.

A powerful layer of protection can be created easily and cost effectively for your school by using School Ready (RDI Cam) surveillance System, a state-of-the-art video surveillance technology, available from Active Solutions.  It’s not just about cameras, its’ about creating confidence.

This web-based solution allows for remote monitoring and continual communication with administration and law enforcement.  For example, monitoring continues during on-school hours through motion detection and video analytics which can create alarm conditions at an off-site facility to provide interactive crime prevention.

The integration of security and in particular, security cameras, may be offset by the existence of government or private grants.  Depending on regional issues, these systems may also qualify for funding under the Federal Restart program.

Active Solutions has developed and installed state-of- the-art, multi-site, crime deterrent and detection systems for both schools and municipalities.  These are just a few examples of schools with Active Solutions systems:

  • Jesuit High School, New Orleans, LA – Surveillance System
  • St. Martin’s Episcopal School, Metairie, LA – Surveillance System
  • Louise McGehee School, New Orleans, LA – Surveillance System
  • Isidore Newman School, New Orleans, LA – Surveillance System
  • St. George’s Episcopal School, New Orleans, LA – Surveillance and Access Control System
  • Louisiana State School for the Deaf – Surveillance System

National Center for Education, 2006
**  School Survey on Crime and Safety, 2007

Here are just a few reasons why we think you will want to learn more about our School Ready (RDI) Cam Surveillance System:

  • System is web-based and can allow for remote, offsite monitoring. An alert can be sent to appropriate school officials and law enforcement when an alarm has been triggered because of an incident on school grounds.
  • Government or private grants may be available, in many cases, to offset purchase of this one-time expense.
  • Rapid installation. A video surveillance system can be installed in days, not months.
  • System and software are non-proprietary and flexible to grow with your security needs.
  • Video analytics can play a major role in reducing security manpower and thus expense.
  • An integrated system can reduce the school’s liability.
  • Vandal resistant.
  • High resolution, flexible cameras can record in low light and are proven as “witness level” evidence in court. These can be used to gather critical evidence on students with aggressive behavior.
  • Active Solutions is an approved contractor for the State of Louisiana, with certain discounts available for institutions that can or must purchase from state approved Purchase Agreements.