Frenchquarter Lampcam


Active Solutions partnered with Mobotix in 2009 to introduce a surveillance system seen here in the French Quarter in New Orleans. The New Orleans Police Department was able to use this video as forensic evidence due to the high resolution quality of the video captured. The resolution allowed the police department to use facial recognition software to find the suspect and, ultimately, make sure he was held responsible for his actions.

When MOBOTIX developed the first weatherproof web cam with digital image sensors and an integrated PC back in 1999, no one could ever have imagined the impact this would have on the future of video surveillance. The transmission of video streams over computer networks finally enabled video technology to depart from the restrictions of a TV standard which had applied for 60 years, bringing it in line with the megapixel image quality of modern-day digital cameras. MOBOTIX is the only network camera manufacturer to date that is capable of storing smooth high-resolution video streams with 1536 lines instead of the usual 288, including sound. The new technology isn’t just more powerful in all areas, it also has two decisive advantages: it is more cost-effective than traditional CCTV video technology and more multi-functional thanks to its integrated computer and network connection.

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