Active solutions has a system that is tailor made for the construction industry. We have a system that utilizes advanced video analytics that can be used to secure areas from vehicles and people and many other threats. This system connects to the central station and allows the central station video guards to talk down to the construction site. We can deploy this system very quickly and secure your site from vandals and thieves as well as allow you to monitor the job site remotely.

With all of the expensive equipment that is at the site and all of the work that has been done there you can’t be losing sleep worrying about the security of the site. Let us be your eyes and ears and shut down the ner do wells that plague many construction areas.

This is a active infrared system that allows clear vision at night of the entire site and provides 24/7 protection.

Night Watch

Night Vision using Infra Red Illumination


We Use Video IQ analytics to block out areas that don’t need to be scanned and a special purpose made computer looks for all kinds of data points like too many people or too many cars or a scene that suddenly changes like a piece of equipment that has been moved.

Remote view of a constructoin site

The cameras have built in audio for two way voice traffic between the site and the central station? This keeps the bad guys out and on the move.