Today there is a way to provide uninterrupted and seamless communications on a metro-wide scale.   This invaluable system designed and manufactured by Active Solutions provides continuous connectivity for any complex security system for law enforcement and government as well as commercial and industrial sites.

Our metro-wide, open architecture, scalable IP-based solution integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.  It takes full advantage of any existing or planned secure infrastructure, such as fiber optics, landline, wireless or Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).  Whether you are a municipality, law enforcement agency, or a school district, our total system approach will provide you with centralized monitoring, remote video access and emergency live video that is instantly deliverable to anywhere in your network.

 For example, with our Metro-Wide Network technology with remote wireless access, a law enforcement officer can access live streaming video from any installed camera while still in their patrol car, working conveniently through a laptop, tablet PC or handheld PDA device, thus allowing for a more informed officer and an increased awareness of the scope of the situation. 

Police headquarters can monitor live images broadcasting from any squad car’s on-board camera.  A detective can access archived video from anywhere on the network or his patrol car’s mobile data terminal to review crime scene footage for potential suspects or witnesses.  Live or recorded video can be pushed to a remote patrol car as it approaches a crime scene so that officers can view a camera’s live or recorded video and assess the situation before arrival.

Each system is designed for optimal performance, scalability, reliability, mobility and security.

Wireless Data Transmission
Our systems encompass live and recorded video, access control, remote network access via wireless mesh technology, bullet and vandal resistant hardware, software application, integration for MDT (Mobile Data Terminals) and ease of interoperability.  These systems can cover an entire metro area with ease.

First Responder Communications Systems
In an emergency, communications are critical.  Communications failures in recent natural and manmade disasters attest to this.  With these IP-based solutions, first responders can stay in touch when it really matters.

Wireless Mesh Networks
Wireless communications is not a new technology to us.  Our wireless expertise in Mesh networks, point to point and point to multi-point applications is unrivalled.  We have many systems, including the country’s first metro-wide deployment already to our credit.

Wireless Video Surveillance
This IP-based urban wide software package allows for high resolution, evidentiary quality MJPEG images to be archived for later review or for direct access to live streaming video to anyone with authorized access to the network.

WIFI Hot Spots
Make critical internet access available wherever you need it.